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Mainstream Education Does Not Suit Everyone...

But students with high truancy rates, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues still deserve the opportunities that an NCEA level education can provide.
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NCEA Level 1 + NCEA Level 2 With Vocational Pathways Programme


Mainstream education does not suit everyone.

But students with high truancy rates, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues still deserve the opportunities that an NCEA level education can provide.

Our “Youth Guarantee” programme is designed for youth aged 16-19 years of age, and provides such an alternative.

Our system works:

  • Last year more than 80% of our students gained full-time employment or went on to further education (eg Toi Ohomai)
  • The majority of our students come to us with no prior NZQA academic record, or other learning achievements, but no student leaves us with zero credits achieved

How do we achieve such remarkable results?

For 5 reasons:

  1. We offer a better student / teacher ratio which means we can give individual students one-on-one teacher attention more often
  2. We pick up and drop-off every student every day which improves attendance
  3. We maintain a whanau environment
    • We learn the same topic together so no-one is left behind
    • We have lunch together, karakia, and clean up together
  4. We plug in a range of youth services including:
    • A health nurse, councillor, Iwi, community police and Oranga Tamariki
    • We also bring in organisations for drug/alcohol counselling, mental health services and mentoring services when required
  5. We also offer a wide range of NZQA subject topics, which:
    • keeps the students interested
    • aids their development and progression into further education or full-time employment

Take a look at details on our NCEA Level 1 and NCEA Level 2 courses below, browse photos of our students in the class room and on field trips, and read a sample of what our students say about us and how their lives have changed.

Our classroom is situated in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga.

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NCEA Level 1

Our NCEA Level 1 programme runs for 3 terms (but you can start anytime).

New skills you will learn:

  • How to interact, listen and communicate with others, both formally and informally
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • How to write a CV, cover letter, and job interview techniques
  • Getting ready for the workplace
  • Health & Safety training
  • General knowledge (eg Treaty of Waitangi)

Improve your personal well-being:

  • Learn how to deal with anger and stress
  • Addressing addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Improving self motivation and independence
  • Developing creative thinking
  • How to set goals and explore interests
  • Creating a positive career pathway for a positive future
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NCEA Level 2

Our NCEA Level 2 programme also runs for 3 terms (start once you have completed Level 1).

The purpose of this Level 2 course is to expose you to a variety of different kinds of jobs to help you choose a career for yourself.

Types of work you will experience:

  • Cafe Operations & Barista Skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Retail & Customer Service
  • Food Hygiene & Food Safety
  • Small Engine Repair (eg chainsaws, lawnmowers)
  • Quad Bike & Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) Operation
  • Electric Fence Construction & Brush Cutting

We will also help to get you started in the:

  • Computing Industry
  • Horticulture Industry
  • Hospitality Industry

By introducing you to these industries first, and then recommending additional training for you to do with other specialist providers.

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Photo Gallery Of Our Students

What Our Students Think

I was over in Hamilton, aged 14. I stopped going to college and lived on the streets. My parents were of no help, so I figured out my own ways to get the food and clothes I needed to live.


I was young so the cops couldn’t do much.  But living on the streets is a hard life. Everything changed for me when I moved to Tauranga and started this course this year. I have a friend here and she told me about the course and so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s easier than school here, and I’m earning credits. I like that we get smoke breaks and sometimes there’s free food.

The people here are cool. Cool classmates, cool teachers. I want to be a mechanic and work on cars. My brother and step dad are mechanics and I’ve helped them in the backyard. I also want to go and check out USA, have a nice batch on the beach, and have a Holden, Skyline and a Ranger.

Don’t do the same things that I did, keep on the right track. There are better options out there for you. Better things to do than crime.


I didn’t like school. Towards the end I used to ditch after morning tea every day until I got my last warning and was kicked out. I was 15. They passed me on to this course. I already knew a few people here on the first day, so that was good. Now, every day we get picked up and dropped off in the van, so we don’t have the hassle or sorting out our own transport. The pick up point is just a 2 minute walk from my house.

This course is way better than school. I get more freedom here, and more attention from our teacher. I used to struggle with maths, but here, it’s broken down, we work through it together, whatever I need.

I’ve been having counselling every Wednesday also, and that’s helped me a lot. I like how they take your side, agree with you, and listen. I’ve been told that my communication is better, and so is my level of engagement and maturity. I’ve got plans now. I didn’t have plans for my future at school. But now I want to be a midwife or a early childhood teacher.

If you are struggling at school like I was, and you are thinking of dropping out, then just come for an interview here. Don’t just give up and be a bum. Give this course a go. Set some goals. Get your credits.


I’m not good with time. At college I found it hard trying to remember all the different classes and schedule, and I was often late for class so I’d get further and further behind in multiple classes.

I’d try and use my weekends to catch up but it didn’t work. I was 16 when I left. Here we do Monday through to Thursday, and if I’m a bit behind we can do a half day on Friday to catch up.

There are less students here, about 5 – 10 students per teacher, so it’s easy to get help if you want it, and we get more one-on-one time with the teacher too. That makes it easy to keep on task because the tutors care. I like the later start times, and the pick up in the van, so I often have enough time for breakfast.

The class work here is not just with books and computers, it’s practical training like barista, food handling, and even fencing.


Join our innovative learning journey with our exciting approach to teaching.

4 More Reasons Students Choose Us

  1. No fees or hidden costs
  2. Free transport
  3. Supportive whanau atmosphere
  4. Our graduates move to employment or further training opportunities
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Supporting individual learners to find the right career pathway.

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