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MPI Accredited Person Training

Hosted by: Independent Verification Services


New Zealand importers must operate an Approved Transitional Facility to receive, inspect and unpack imported sea containers. All Transitional Facilities must have trained and certified personnel who manage or undertake the different aspects of biosecurity.

To gain accreditation, candidates must undertake and pass an MPI approved training course. IVS is an approved provider, certifying AP’s through an enjoyable half day training course, which focuses on:

  • Procedures for unpacking sea containers and the necessary checks required
  • How to approach sea container checks and complete the necessary documentation
  • Contingency procedures in the event of finding contamination
  • Updates to MPI Standards, regulations and checking/reporting procedures
  • The Certificate of Approval as an Accredited Person is valid for 2 years before refresher training is required. Holding a valid certificate allows the AP to perform biosecurity checks on sea containers and complete documentation at any approved transitional facility in New Zealand.

MPI Accredited Person (AP) Training

MPI requires all facilities importing sea containers to have one or more Accredited Persons available. AP’s are responsible for inspecting containers, supervising their unpacking, and containing any biosecurity threats found.

IVS provides the necessary training, or refresher training, for your staff to gain or maintain their accreditation in a convenient half day course.


  • None. Open entry
  • Each participant is required to bring photographic identification (e.g. a passport or driver’s licence) for proof of ID.
  • No pre-course study is required, participants will receive a course workbook on the day
  • For participants undergoing refresher training, please provide your existing AP number when booking, or bring with you to the course.
  • After successful completion of this course, participants will receive an Accredited Person certificate which will be issued post-course by MPI.
  • Please note: If English is not the participant’s first language, a basic understanding of written or oral English is required. This will help with participation during the course, and sitting the exam at the end. If your organisation has any concerns about this, please contact IVS to discuss alternative options.

Course Location:

  • Our training facility, Hull Rd, Mount Maunganui

Course Duration:

  • Half Day: 8.00am – 12.00noon

Course Dates

  • 25 June 2020
  • 08 July 2020
  • 12 August 2020

Course Cost:

  • Enquire to find out!

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