Growsafe Standard

About Growsafe Standard

  • This course is for agrichemical users working independently with little or no supervision
  • You may have responsibility for managing or supervising others
  • You’ll learn safe, responsible, and effective use of agrichemicals
  • Demonstrates that you, the user, handler, or supplier, are conversant with the requirements of NZS 8409:2004 “Management of Agrichemicals” and comply with the practices recommended by the Standard
  • Your Growsafe® Standard Certification is valid for 5 years.
  • Within 12 months you’ll need to:
    • Provide evidence of 8 spray diary records in the workplace
    • Provide your agricultural manifest (the inventory of your workplace)
    • These activities must be supervised and signed off by your supervisor (ensure your supervisors Growsafe number is noted)

Our Growsafe Standard Training Location: Mount Maunganui

  • 12 York Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3116


  • One season of supervised spraying experience
  • Growsafe Basic
    • In special circumstances our trainers are able to provide an exemption if you can prove that you meet the requirements based on your experience

Course Duration & Dates:

  • 1 Day (8:30am to 4:30pm)
  • Choose your preferred course date using the registration form below

Course Cost:

  • $460 inc gst

Optional: Add on Certified Handler Certification?

  • A certified handler is someone qualified to handle toxic substances
  • You need to be a certified handler if you want to purchase or use tracked agrichemicals with hazard classifications of 6.1A or 6.1B
  • A Certified Handler Certification for Transport, Use, Storage and Disposal of Agrichemicals is valid for 5 years
  • Completing the Growsafe Standard course is the first step towards the Worksafe Certified Handler Test Certificate
  • Using the registration form below, indicate if you intend to achieve Certified Handler and your trainer will inform you about:
    • The evidence of practical competency you’ll need to provide
    • The specific workplace procedures you’ll need to know
    • The additional costs of this additional certificate

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