Growsafe Courses Mount Maunganui


Need to learn how to safely handle agricultural chemicals and use equipment responsibly? Learn how to:

  • Prepare and apply agrichemicals using hand held equipment
  • Safely dispose of surplus mix
  • Decontaminate, clean and store equipment
  • Spray chemicals under supervision
  • Supervise employees who are applying agricultural chemicals

Choose from our 3 Growsafe courses:

  1. Growsafe Standard (To work unsupervised, or to supervise your own team. Optional Certified Handler Certification also available)
  2. Growsafe Re-Certification (To update your Growsafe Introductory Certificate which is no longer offered)
  3. Growsafe Basic (For workers under supervision)

Our Growsafe training centre location:

  • 12 York Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3116

1. Growsafe Standard

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2. Growsafe Re-Certification

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3. Growsafe Basic

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