Barista Training in Tauranga


  • Train in our purpose-built Cafe at PCTI on York Avenue, Mount Maunganui
  • 2-Day Course: $430.00 (inc GST)
    • Mid-month on a Monday and Tuesday 9:00am to 4.00pm
  • This course will help you learn how to produce espresso coffees so you can apply for a job in a café
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What our Barista course will teach you

Topics covered on this Barista course include:

  • Producing the different types of espresso coffees using a commercial espresso machine (commonly miss-spelled and miss-pronounced as “expresso”)
  • The origins, harvesting and processing of coffee beans and the importance of high-quality, fresh ingredients so coffee is fit for service. The preparation and making of an espresso by ensuring that beans are freshly ground, the correct grind and extraction time is used and how to judge colour, aroma, and taste.
  • The dosing, and tamping of “portafilters” are explained, demonstrated and practised
  • Identifying potential problems with espresso coffee and espresso equipment and how flavour can be impacted by the degree of roast or blending of different flavours

Barista Course Details

  • Day 1 will cover the growing, harvesting and roasting of coffee beans, and goes over the equipment used and ingredients of quality coffees as well as the extraction of and possible problems with making coffee on an espresso machine
  • Day 2 uses the newly learned skills of dosing, tamping and extracting coffee with a lot of practical training on an espresso machine

On completion of the course, participants will receive a PCTI Certificate and the following unit standards will be reported to NZQA:.

Unit Standard – 17284 Demonstrate knowledge of coffee origin and production – Level 3, Credits 3.

Unit Standard – 17288 Prepare and present espresso beverages for service – Level 3, Credits 5.

What Our Students Think

The course was great A+. Jared the tutor was very knowledgeable and taught us a lot.

I can’t look at barista coffee the same way because now I notice all the different aspects of it.

If you want to get into cafe or bar work, I recommend this course to you.

Anne-Marie Talbot, Tauranga

I love a good coffee and for a long time I’ve been curious about what it takes to make a truly great one. I started with the Coffee Appreciation course and went on to the Barista training.

The first reason I recommend you do this course is because you will get unbiased information. You are not being pushed towards any particular equipment brand, roast or bean. The second reason is the tutor Jared. He is a true professional and keeps the atmosphere relaxed whilst you learn the course content.

Hannah Harwood, Athenree

I did the Coffee Appreciation course first and liked that so much, I did this Barista training course shortly after.

I learnt more in those 3 days than in a whole week at school!

If you want to know more about the origin of coffee and how to make a good one then you should do this course, it’s really good!

Sonja Hafsteinsson

I am from Korea and have lived in NZ since early 2016. We also have many cafes in Korea and Koreans love coffee so much.  A few months ago, my husband and I bought a new home espresso machine by chance. We studied online how to produce espresso but soon found that it was not enough. I needed more professional knowledge/skills and googled a few Tauranga based institutions who provided a barista course.

The reason why I chose PCTI was the instructor Jared. During the course we covered many things with plenty of knowledge from the origin of coffee to practical job skills for cafes. It was quite easy to follow the course and students helped each other all through the training.

Sumee Jeong, Tauranga

I’m studying at Mount College at the moment. I’d like to find a Barista job in a local cafe and since finishing this Barista course I’ve handed over my CV to 4 local cafes so far.

The first day of the course was about the origins of coffee, day two about production, and day three was the practical training. My favourite parts were learning about the history of coffee and working the espresso machine, and I also found the production of coffee very interesting.

The course was detailed and well structured, and I think you’d like it too.

Mia Callingham, Mount Maunganui

Coffee Appreciation

If you simply want to learn how to make coffee for you and your friends using an espresso machine, bring a few friends with you to our next Community Education Workshop.

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