A Baking Apprentice In Your NZ Bakery

Can You Say “Yes!” To The Following Questions?

  • Do you own your own bakery, but you’re finding it hard to hold on to good staff?
  • Have you noticed that the industry is becoming more competitive and you want to improve your quality and customer service?

If you answered “YES!” to either (or both) of those questions, then hiring an apprentice might be exactly what you need.

You might already have a promising employee working for you already?

If so, offering them an apprenticeship might be just what it takes to help them grow into their potential, improve the quality of your product, and keep them with you for longer.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Apprentice Baker

  1. Cost effective
    • In exchange for your mentoring and work experience, trainees are willing to accept student-level wages
    • As their skill increases over time, their value to your business continues to increase
  2. Longer-term employees
    • You’ll know how hard it is to find and retain good staff. Offering them an apprenticeship is likely to keep them with you for longer
  3. Improved output
    • Having an apprentice who is constantly learning and improving leads to better quality output, higher standards being maintained, better customer satisfaction, and improvement to your reputation. These elements could lead to higher revenues and profitability
    • In today’s highly competitive world with endless consumer choice, training an apprentice is a competitive advantage
  4. We all benefit from an improving industry
    • Training the next generation of bakers is your way of giving back to the industry that has given you so much
    • It raises the level of professionalism in the industry and fosters innovation and new ideas

The baking industry does need more apprentices. Apprenticeships are especially important for artisan bakers like us because there is a real danger of the skills and knowledge not being passed on, and being lost.

If you have a promising baker on your team, invite them to apprentice with you if they show an interest and are willing to put in the time, and are keen to learn. That’s what we did with our apprentice, and 1.5 years in, it’s going very well.

We do have to put the time into their training, but it’s worth it and essential for our industry.

Graham Heaven supports us, and the apprentice, and is always up to date with the latest ideas in the industry, which we talk about when he visits. 

Joshua Brinkman and Brooke Bryers

Owner/Operators, Artisan Bread Bakers, Pyes Pa Tauranga

Having a bakery apprentice on your team is a win-win for everyone. The apprentice is an asset to the business, and they are learning at a rapid rate, building a career for themselves, they are proud of their new knowledge and the investment they are making in themselves.

That’s what gets them up so early in the morning for work! Baking is such a great trade.

We don’t hesitate to put our apprentices through Graham Heaven. He is welcome in our store anytime. He adds real value, upskills the whole team when he visits (even us owners!). The standard of his work is amazing. He can talk to anybody at any level. He also helps us with compliance with the councils, food control plan and IRD.

I encourage you to take on an apprentice yourself, it’s definitely worth it. 

Murray Upton

Owner/Operator, Waihi Beach Bakery

I strongly believe in training up apprentices in the baking industry. We must keep the skill level up in our craft bakeries.

Graham Heaven’s mentoring style suits us. Because he has run successful baking businesses himself, he knows this business in-side-out so he passes that experience onto the trainees also.

If you are thinking of taking on an apprentice, choose someone who has that passion, who listens and follows instructions but is also prepared to push the boundaries a little bit and innovate and experiment.   

Steve Adams

Owner / Operator, Rustic Bakery & Cafe, Lincoln, Christchurch

The baking industry is successfully gaining momentum here in new Zealand largely due to the efforts being put into the training of apprentices . Currently we have an apprentice with food and produce.

She adds a good dynamic to our team and is a great support to the bakers and has a passion for modern cake decorating.

Graham Heaven  and I have known each other for many years and his passion for training and the industry have helped produce many great bakers. His enthusiasm always shows when he visits our bakery.

And his love for the trade is always at the forefront.

Up skilling and staying current with trends and dietary requirements comes from the training of young people .

We are happy to support Graham and his team and look forward to training more apprentices in the future.

Joe Janus

Owner/Operator, Janus Bakkerij, Lower Hutt

We have two or three baking apprentices at any one time via Food and Produce NZ.

Graham Heaven comes in for a visit every quarter to support these apprentices, and they head off once a year to the Napier training facility to hone their practical skills.

We like to have a mix of age groups here and the programme allows us to balance youth with more experienced team members.

Not only is training apprentices important for ensuring the long-term prosperity of our operations, it’s good for the industry too because it keeps the flow of skilled staff coming through.

Marty Mayston

Managing Director, The Bakeshack, Tauranga

5 Quick Facts About Our Baking Apprentice Programme

  1. We are the leading provider of baking apprenticeships in craft bakeries all over New Zealand
  2. Food and Produce NZ, are contracted by COMPETENZ, the Industry Training Organization (ITO) to manage and support your Baking Apprentice
  3. Your apprentice will be working towards the New Zealand Certificate in Baking (Level 4)
  4. The apprenticeship involves:
    • Full-time on-the-job training with you
    • Course work modules delivered via “distance learning” for the trainee to complete in their own time
    • Annual block courses at our training centre in Napier
    • Approximately 4 visits per year from our tutor, Graham Heaven, to support the apprentice and assess their job skills
  5. Our apprentice programme is lead by our award-winning baker / trainer / tutor / assessor, Graham Heaven

3 Reasons To Choose Us To Qualify Your Apprentice Baker

  1. We are the New Zealand leader in providing apprentices to Craft Bakeries
  2. Graham, our programme lead, has been in the industry for 40 years and has run several successful baking businesses, during which time he trained 21 apprentices personally
  3. Graham will keep you up to date with international trends and new ideas in the industry

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