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Employers: Get Your Horticultural Staff Qualified

To achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture you need to successfully complete a programme through an approved Provider. PCTI is an approved Provider and can offer a few different options to get your staff qualified.

We can offer our services right across New Zealand. Minimum number would apply.

Horticulture Cadetships

One of PCTI’s strengths is partnering with Employers to design programmes to meet their needs.

We can design and implement a Cadetship programme that meets your needs and our programme requirements so that your staff can earn as they learn and achieve the qualification, using your workplace as the context.

Cadetship programmes are a good way to secure quality workers. A mixture of practical on-the-job training and a relevant qualification makes sure cadets acquire the specific skills that Employers need. Cadets may be bonded for 1-2 years after graduating. Cadetships can be a way to develop the skills of home-grown talent in order to address regional shortages of qualified workers.

Qualifying Experienced Horticultural Staff

PCTI works with you on your existing experienced staff to agree on a plan to get them qualified.  This will involve putting together an evidence portfolio using the routine tasks required to perform their day to day jobs. We find that this process generally covers off the majority of the practical or skill based requirements and then we will identify any remaining areas of knowledge that may need training workshops and assessments to be delivered.

The combination of these process will result in your existing staff will achieve the Certificate in Horticulture (Level 3).

We can offer this service right across New Zealand.

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

As our point of difference across all of our Horticulture programmes of study we have developed a series of modules that will allow us to have the training accepted as ‘formal courses’ under GAP NZ general regulations. This will allow those employers to offer our training and the students achievements as evidence in having had training towards Good Agricultural Practice (GAP NZ) Qualification Requirements outlined in the Global GAP General Regulations 1.3.

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