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We have several tertiary programmes and 60+ short courses depending on your interest and situation.

Apiculture (Beekeeping), Animal Care Careers

If you are interested in working in the booming industries of Apiculture (beekeeping) or Animal Care, these courses are popular for those wanting to advance in these industries:

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Popular With Employers/Employees

Are you either an Employer with an industrial business wanting to train up your team? Or, an employee based in the Bay of Plenty / Waikato needing to add new skills and certifications?

Our range of courses includes Industry Training & Certifications, Market Access Courses and Compliance Courses. The most popular of which are:

Popular With Secondary Schools

Most of our 60+ short courses have been designed for secondary school students.

  • PCTI has developed several short courses for most of the Vocational Pathways at Level 2.
  • There are also courses that support NCEA Level 1 achievement and there are Level 3 industry short courses designed to pathway students into their chosen careers.
  • We can come to your school with our industry experts or you can utilise one of our training centres for the delivery of one of these short courses.

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