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Coffee Appreciation Course in Tauranga

Learn how to use an espresso machine to make different types of coffees for your friends and find out how to buy the right beans for your taste. Come and have some fun over two days in a relaxed atmosphere while learning how to use an espresso machine to make outstanding espresso coffees for your friends. Learn about:

  • The different types of coffees
  • Espresso machines and how to use them properly to make superb coffees
  • Understand the different coffee bean varieties and how the production blending flavours and roasting can affect which beans you buy
  • Hot and cold beverages along with their accompaniments.

Get your own Group together and we will make it a fun event or join our next Public Workshop for free. Want to turn your interest in coffee into employment as a barista? Consider doing our full barista course next.

When Is The Next Course? Every Month

We run this course monthly and the date is chosen once we have reached minimum numbers.

Cost? Free!

This Coffee Appreciation programme is currently offered at zero fees.

This means this course is free for NZ citizens and NZ Permanent Residents.

For internationals, the cost is $89 inc GST.

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