Food and Produce NZ

Food and Produce NZ was established following the acquisition and merge of the Plant & Food training establishment into PCTI.

Food and Produce NZ manages a range of apprenticeship / industry training programmes for the baking industry and a range of short courses relevant to the food manufacturing and primary industries. With close links to Plant and Food, FPNZ involves scientists and specialists in the design and delivery of our programmes.

Bakery Apprenticeships – Nationwide

  • Food and Produce are contracted by COMPETENZ, the Industry Training Organization (ITO) to manage and support Baking Apprenticeships across New Zealand.

Craft Bakery Apprenticeships

  • Trainees are employed with Craft Bakeries and are then signed up with COMPETENZ on a Training Agreement between the Employer, the ITO and themselves.
  • Trainees then enroll on a National or New Zealand Certificate in Baking, level 3 or 4 which they complete on the job training, via distance training modules and annual block courses.
  • Our head Baker, Tutor and Assessor, Graham Heaven is constantly travelling around all of the bakeries in New Zealand, promoting apprenticeships, supporting trainees and assessing on the job skills.

Q: “How do I get Qualified as a Baker?”

  • If you already work in a Bakery, you are probably eligible to sign up for an apprenticeship, enroll on a Craft Bakery or Plant Bakery qualification and be well on your way towards getting qualified.
  • If you are thinking about getting a job in a Bakery, give us a call and we may be able to help you with that as we are aware of vacancies as they arise in the industry.
  • Once you have secured a job, you would then be able to sign up as an apprentice and get qualified.

Q: “How long does it take to get qualified?”

  • The length of your apprentice does vary, but most will take approximately 4 years to achieve the unit standards and their assessments.
  • On average, you would be expected to achieve on average, 70 credits a year.

Plant Bakery Apprenticeships

  • Large nationwide employers such as Quality Bakers manage their apprentices directly with COMPETENZ.
  • Food and Produce NZ has a role in supporting Plant Bakery Apprentices through mentoring visits and we develop and deliver the theory unit standards through our distance training and assessment modules.

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