About Us

Pacific Coast Technical Institute (PCTI) is a trading name of the Bay of Plenty Technical Institute, a Category 1, registered and accredited Private Training Establishment (PTE) with the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

PCTI offers industry relevant, accessible and flexible short courses and training programmes to businesses, Secondary Schools, and tertiary students throughout NZ.

PCTI is owned and operated by the Directors, Mark Hellyer and Fiona Morris. Mark and Fiona, have over 25 years experience in programme development, management and delivery nationwide in the public and private tertiary sector.

We also trade as Food and Produce New Zealand (FPNZ) which delivers baking industry training apprenticeships, distribution and logistics training, and industry short courses.

PCTI is committed to the achievement of the government’s vision for New Zealand’s economic goals is first and foremost to assist students in becoming economically productive members of our community, while at the same time enhancing their own life choices.

Our current portfolio of courses and industry training partners is designed to meet the growing needs of the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand’s apiculture, horticulture, agriculture and food and beverage manufacturing related industries, including various industry required Certifications. Through PCTI, businesses can access the training they want, when they want it and can choose where it is delivered, either through our training centres or onsite in your business, at a time that fits in with your operations.

PCTI is a member of Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ) which is the national organisation representing private training institutions in New Zealand. ITENZ administers The Quality Commission, of which we are also a member.

Our staff have been recognised through the ITENZ sector awards for Best Support Person of the Year and a highly-commended for the Tutor of the Year award. These awards are designed to showcase the achievements of the Private Tertiary sector on an annual basis.

Our Vision

To provide skilled employees for local Industry

Our Motto

Is that all students can believe, achieve and succeed

What We Do Best

We offer a range of NZQA approved tertiary programmes and have gathered a group of quality trainers together under one roof to help build capability, productivity and performance for local industry.

This has resulted in 60+ short courses for you to choose from, all of which are industry relevant, accessible and flexible training programmes focused on leadership capability, workplace culture and core skills.

About Our Logo

The logo symbol represents many aspects of the Pacific Coast Technical Institute.

The four koru shapes represents the four schools operating out of the Institute, forming a circular shape showing they come under, or form, one entity – PCTI.

With each koru we are depicting growth, a starting point (the smaller koru) the journey (the stem) to the end product (the larger Koru).

The use of the cogs represents the primary market of PCTI – working class New Zealand.

The colours of PCTI are the reflection of the geographical area as well as a youth perspective – Green for the land/ coast and symbolises growth, blue for the water and sky and is associated with depth and stability, orange is associated with sunshine and tropics, it also stimulates mental activity and black represents power and prestige.

The font is clean and contemporary with a rounded feel to match the symbol of PCTI.